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The mission of Stanford Montessori Design Center is to create a high-performing learning culture while nurturing students to grow academically, respect differences, act with purpose, communicate effectively and encourage others. Because we practice the Montessori philosophy of learning, our children learn to be self-sufficient, independent thinkers as students, as well as caring individuals.

All students enter Stanford through the lottery process. We have three class configurations: primary (multi-age, 3 years-kindergarten), lower elementary (multi-age, first grade-third grade), and fourth-grade transition. Our teachers are certified Montessori teachers or are working on certification. The Montessori method is to teach writing before reading, foster scientific and mathematical aptitudes, and foster a nurturing appreciation for history and timelines. All testing occurs by teacher observation and authentic assessment.

Our classrooms are conducive to independent student learning-a cornerstone of the Montessori teaching philosophy. While structured, our days and lessons allow students to pursue what interests them while working on the floor or at tables (not desks). Students learn using all of their senses, moving from concrete to abstract subject matters throughout their days. All students receive individualized instruction through  tutoring and a gifted and talented program.

On top of academics, we help develop self-discipline. We teach the values of grace, courtesy and building a peaceful community, instilling an appreciation for cultural differences. Holidays are not celebrated with parties but by incorporating seasonal colors and objects into our lessons. We also teach care for the environment and our extracurricular activities include a garden club. We do ask that our parents donate at least 35 volunteer hours per year helping with these and other school needs.

Our favorite time of year is during our Fly Over, Fly Away ceremonies. Typically, Kindergarten students have been with the same teacher for three years by the time they finish their Kindergarten year. At the end of their Kindergarten year, they Fly Over to the elementary side with parents, teachers and students cheering them on. Our fourth-grade students have a Fly Away ceremony, similar to graduation as they leave our school and go to middle school. These formal ceremonies are rites of passage to help mark these important moments in our students' lives.

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7:45 A.M. - 3:15 P.M.

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